Because of the growing crisis of coronavirus, a lot of emphases are being given on social distance to prevent the rapid rise of this infectious virus. It should also be done. But the question is, how do we keep ourselves happy at a time when we distance ourselves from our friends? The measures being provided here can be useful to keep yourself happy in times of social distance:

Use of Technology: Whether we prefer solitude or prefer to live in a company of people, technology can be a great source for such a time. If you like to be with people, use technology, make video calls with people you care about, stay connected to. Take a coffee together on a video call. The experience may not be very good, but it can be advantageous.

Old Hobbies: We all have our own hobbies but have been lost somewhere in the race for life. Give those old hobbies time again, such as reading books, watching birds, listening to music or just anything! It has been observed that fulfilling your old hobby helps to get out of pessimism to a great extent.

Become Innovative: We are advised to live in social distance, which does not mean that we make our lives monotonous and tasteless. People from all over the world are doing something new in cooking, people are coming out with new methods of examination, people are inventing new ways of relaxing. Why don't you do anything new by using this time properly?

Choose a New Skill: choose a new skill, a new language, a course that can sharpen your existing knowledge, or start your journey in a completely new fashion. Participating in an online curriculum will keep your mind busy, sharpen your skills, and keep you away from the malaise that does nothing.

Following Gratitude: There is always something in our lives for which we can be thankful. We can spend this time with our family. Gratitude polarizes our minds towards positive things and thus removes unwanted unhappiness. We should express our appreciation to those who stand by the risk to help us in difficult times.

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