Nowadays, online videos are being watched the most in India, and the credit will be to Jio, as the data plans have been cheaper since the launch of Jio, and then people were addicted to watching online videos. At the same time, a large number of YouTube channels surfaced, and people made videos of their choice. Many videos appear on YouTube every day in the trending category. Trending means that the video is being watched a lot. It is very important for a YouTuber to his video to become a trending video. So let's tell you how to trend videos on YouTube today.

Description of video

Writes a description with many YouTube channels. There is no point in the video being viral. Write the description completely and write in both Hindi-English. Also, keep in mind the trending keywords. Try to have a description in a minimum of 300 words. Also, enter a link to your other popular video and a link to the channel in the description to subscribe to the channel.

Add tags and Keywords

Any video will go viral only when it is seen by more and more people, and people will see only when trading keywords and tags are inserted into the video. So whenever you upload a video to Youtube, you must enter trending keywords and tags. Start keywords like this. For you, you can use Jio phones and Jio keywords. Keywords can be used in video titles. Watch Twitter trending for trending keywords.

Thumbnail of video

To make the video go viral, its thumbnail (photo appearing before the video starts) must be spectacular, because you and we click on a video only by looking at the thumbnail. Always create thumbnails that force the user to click.

Social Media Sharing

Anything goes viral from social media, so join some big social media groups and upload videos to YouTube and share it on social media. Also, you must use trending hashtags while sharing.

Finally, say for likes and shares

Many YouTubers speak for likes, comments, subscribes, and shares at the beginning of the video. People don't even watch videos, subscribed, the only thing is far away. So ask the subscriber to share the likes at the end of the video to make it forever.

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