Blockades for guests, home conveyance of bhog, and live transmissions of the pujo on YouTube and Facebook are normal to most pujo pandals in the city this year. At CR Park's Kali Mandir, the pandals and the icons were similarly as fancy as could be expected. Nonetheless, rather than strolling around, guests could just enter in a line, offer their appreciation, and leave in a line. 

Limits to guarantee that guests go back and forth in a line alongside a different passageway and exit were set up, while sanitizers were at the section point. Most guests were wearing new garments, as they would some other year. Yet, all things considered, neither did they waited to take an interest in Anjali and different customs nor eat bhog inside the sanctuary complex. They asked and afterward strolled ahead. Many halted to take photographs with the pandal behind the scenes. 

While bhog is made inside the intricate, 14 diverse assortment focuses have been set up in CR Park. Prodip Ganguly, Secretary, CR Park Kali Mandir Society, said individuals pre-book the bhog and afterward get it from one of the dispersion focuses. On Tuesday evening, around 600 were conveyed in tiffins. On their Facebook page, the panel shared a rundown of rules that were made remembering the DDMA rules. They requested that guests keep social separation, wear veils all through the Darshan, and follow the billboards. No contributions are permitted for the current year. 

Inside the sanctuary intricate, a board with photographs of the relative multitude of inhabitants of CR Park who kicked the bucket of Covid was set up. Over the photographs, it read, "tribute to withdrew spirits of CR Park during pandemic". At D Block in CR Park, the pujo was commended going full bore, yet with similarly as numerous rules. The panel finished their 25th year and since it was their silver celebration, they said that they would not like to think twice about it. 

Something like 40 specialists was employed to make, pack and convey bhog to those in adjacent regions. The bhog, which involved khichdi, three kinds of sabzi, chutney, and payesh, were circulated to the houses in e-carts. The ceremonies were live transferred on their Facebook and YouTube channels. Inside the Kali Mandir perplexing and inside the D square ground, a tank has been made for inundation. The Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) tanks were made in light of the fact that the DDMA rules don't allow the visarjan interaction outside their edifices.

Image Credit: The Indian express