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According to new research by Global Market, Non-Alcoholic Beer Market size is all set to exceed 29 Billion Dollar by 2026.

The non-alcoholic beer market is having a major moment. Whether you choose not to drink as a lifestyle or are just abstaining temporarily, these non-alcoholic beers won't leave you feeling left out of the party. 

Global non-alcoholic beer industry should witness a consumption of over 3 billion litres by 2026.

Increasing condition of digestive disorders along with a rapid increase in alcohol allergy and weak immune system cases is creating a niche market for alcohol-free products. Also, The increasing trend of a healthy lifestyle is contributing to the market growth of Non-Alcoholic Beer Market size.

The Non-Alcoholic Beer market comes with many health benefits. It Promotes Post Exercise Recovery, Rehydrates the body, Improves Cardiovascular health. It may stimulate breast milk production as well.

If you are suffering from insomnia then this could be your saviour as the Non-Alcoholic Beer market has so many products for you to try that promotes good sleep as well.

The Non-Alcoholic Beer Market focuses on making low-calorie beer with different flavours. Without compromising on your favourite brand, Now you can have the taste of a beer. Here is a list of the best Non-Alcoholic Beer markets that you should try!

1. Bira 91 Light

Non Alcoholic Beer market

Price: Rs100 for 330 mL bottle.

2. Kingfisher Radler

Non Alcoholic Beer Market

Price: Rs 45 for 300mL can.

3. Heineken 0.0

Non Alcoholic Beer Market

Price: Rs 45 for 100mL

4. Budweiser 0.0

non alcoholic beer

Price Rs 60 for 300mL

5. Miller Lite

Price Rs175 for 650mL

6. Amstel Malt Classic

Price 105 for 500mL


Bars and restaurants provide low alcohol beverages as an appetizer. Non-alcoholic beer is less impacted by the non-excise tax, as compared to the alcoholic beer which should lead to a fall in prices thus boosting Non-Alcoholic beer market statistics.


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