Earthquake Precautions: 10 mild earthquakes have been felt in Delhi and adjoining areas in the last one and a half months. While many believe that a sharp-intensity earthquake is likely to occur in or around Delhi, many believe major earthquakes are unlikely. However, earthquakes can occur at any time without warning. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being aware of it and preparing for it. Let's know what to do before, during, and after the earthquake occurs.

Before the earthquake: 

Make your home as safe as possible for these risky aftershocks. Keep the bulky and things in the corner or unloaded, which can fall when it is jolted. Do not forget to stop the gas connection when the earthquake occurs. Keep the emergency kit ready for the first time, which lasts for at least 72 hours. This kit should have water, food, and essentials. Prepare this kit keeping everyone in mind of the family, even take care of your pet.

What to do when earthquake tremors start:

Prepare yourself as soon as you feel the tremors. The National Disaster Management Division (NDMD) of the Ministry of Home Affairs has shared these three works- drop, cover, and hold, also known as the triangle of Life.

Bend: Bend the knees and hands to protect yourself. This method is right to hide any place.

Hide: Place hands on the head and neck to protect yourself. Sit under a nearby table or a similar place until the tremors are stopped. No one feels that standing under the doors can be avoided, but if your home is old enough, this method will not work.

Grab something: Do not exit until the tremors stop. If you are inside the table, hold it with one hand. If you are in an open space, cover your head and neck with hands.

What to do if you're out of the house:

If you are out of the house during the earthquake, lean on the ground away from the building, tree, and powerline. If you are driving, stop on one side and put a parking bracket.

What to do if you live in a multistory:

Those who live in a high-rise building do not understand what to do when earthquakes occur. The direct answer is not to flee. When earthquakes come, and you are on high male, do not exit the building. When the earthquake stops, take your shoes and money, and get out of the building.

When the earthquake stops:

Sometimes the stoppage of earthquakes does not mean that the threat has been averted. After the earthquake, small tremors are often felt, which are called aftershocks. There are times when the second earthquake is bigger than ever. When the tremors are stopped, first of all, see that you have no injury because, in such a situation, you often do not feel hurt. If you are under a wreck or heavy luggage, take out yourself and the rest of the people as soon as possible.

If you get stuck until the earthquake ends... If you get stuck in a house or building, be patient. Protect the nose, eyes, and mouth with the help of your clothes. If you hear someone's voice, whistle or shout in some way so that your voice can reach them. In the meantime, keep in mind the power wires, gas pipelines, and similar things.

Do not make these mistakes during earthquakes:

- Do not go to another room or outside at the time of the earthquake. Earthquake shocks can topple you, or you can even collide with a falling thing.

- Do not stand at the door. In today's houses, the doors are not stronger than the rest of the walls. By standing here, you can also eat injury from falling luggage.

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