Considering the rising danger of another Omicron wave in the country, a few states have forced checks to confine infection spread in the merry season. From night curfews to restrictions on social affairs, states are outfitting to make forestall mass transmission during New Year Celebrations. In the interim, in the midst of the multitude of measures, a few urban areas have commanded either a negative COVID-19 report or immunization for section into public spots.

Here is a rundown of urban communities you can't enter without a negative COIVID test or inoculation authentication this New Year.


Dehradun, which is viewed as a well-known objective in the midst of explorers particularly during the happy season, on Wednesday has restricted the passage of guests without a negative RT-PCR report.

Uttarakhand: Dehradun organization orders negative COVID endorsement not more seasoned than 72 hours for passage into the district#Omicron — ANI (@ANI) December 29, 2021

According to the furthest down-the-line warning, the report ought not to be more seasoned than 72 hours.


The Hyderabad organization on Wednesday additionally reported that just completely immunized people will be permitted to take part in the New Year festivities at lodgings and different settings in Hyderabad.

The coordinators and the executives need to guarantee that no one is allowed without the development of either an electronic or actual endorsement of the two portions of immunization, the warning says.


The Rajasthan Cabinet on Wednesday chose to make COVID immunization compulsory for passage into public spots later January 31 notwithstanding a nighttime limit taking effect right now.


Haryana government as of late commanded full immunization against COVID for passage and admittance to public spots like shopping centers, cafés, and film lobbies from January 1. The move is pointed toward persuading individuals to have the additional opportunity of the Covid immunization.

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