Anger is a natural feeling. In the dramatics written between 200 years BC to 200 AD, anger is called a natural emotion. The American Physiological Association has called "anger a spontaneous expression of adversity." With this violent performance, we protect ourselves from the allegations on our own. Therefore, anger is also necessary to protect its existence. A modern lifestyle can push any person into stress. Now that thousands of people are losing their jobs and homes and even the safe amounts of retired people are disappearing due to turmoil, this period can be called the 'age of anxiety' or anxiety era. On the contrary, it is also true that some people, irrespective of their economic or family status, are always under stress. In fact, they are naturally stressed.

Jerome Kagan, a psychology professor at Harvard, and his colleagues have studied thousands of such people since childhood for the last twenty years. There are four detailed research results in this direction, including two from Harvard and two from the University of Maryland, who also have the bias of Nathan Fox, a former student of Kagan. In addition to minor changes, both studies have come to the same conclusion. As a result, children have their own natural nature, and 15 to 20 percent of children behave differently towards new people and circumstances. Children who behave are more stressed. These studies also found that children may have a slight temperament, but their behavior may be different. A person may be termed as tense behavior of another, but this behavior can be interesting for others. Some people live comfortably by pressing their bad habits, but others do not care about it.

Anxiety and stress also increase anger:

Stress is different from fear. Humans or any other living creature feel fear when the thing is present in front of his eyes. On the contrary, a person is entangled in his ability to make decisions. The person is trapped in the vortex of 'what will happen then.' But when fear starts to tangle with the work, stress takes the form of a 'clinical anxiety disorder,' which has many forms, including panic, social anxiety, phobia, obstructive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, and, above all, anxiety disorder. Anxiety arises due to excessive movement in the brain's amygdala, which is the middle part of the brain. This part of the mind is conscious of the face of novelty and danger. During its normal functioning, Amygdala gives a physiologically functional answer to the new environment. This action has clear memories of emotional experiences. But according to Kagan's studies, the amygdala is hyperactive in people with a specific mental texture.

Do you have an anger problem?

Anger needs to be recognized. Identify people on the basis of type A and type B personality. Type A personality people are those who have a greater desire to achieve something. Such people get angry very quickly, they soon lose patience. You can also fall into this category if you have these things-

  • - Lack of patience
  • - Eating food quickly
  • - Restlessness
  • - Irritability during work
  • - Harming yourself during anger

These are the major causes of anger: 


Sleep is a state of unconsciousness. Sleep improves the mental and physical health of the body. The muscles and joints used continuously during bedtime are recoverable. Blood pressure is low, and the heart rate is low. At the same time, the growth hormone is secreted in the body. In the meantime, the brain works to collect everyday information. Stress, prolonged work, lifestyle cause sleep problems. Without full sleep, the brain and body are not able to function properly. Lack of adequate sleep causes many diseases. Adequate sleep and rest are essential for healthy living.

Sleep adequate: 

Use coffee, tea, cola, chocolate in the range. Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine do not complete your sleep.

- Give your mind and body time to relax.

- Do meditation, read the book, listen to music, and do aromatherapy.

- Create a routine of sleeping and waking up.

Physical condition- Some conditions such as add (edition deficit disorder) cause people to become irritated and angry. Because of hormonal issues and cardiovascular diseases, people lose their temper quickly.


Living alone in a new place is a cause of anger. Psychologists say that people who have fewer friends usually get angry quickly. Children who are born in a nuclear family and one of their parents suffers mentally. Because of mental irregularity, they become angry. They start abusing, beating brothers and sisters, and breaking things. Psychiatrists say that if your child is angry, he means he is frustrated somewhere.

Watching TV:

Watching violent programs, crime shows, etc., completely affects the minds and minds of children. Psychologists believe that sometimes youth are not sensitive to violence, and they do not find anger illegitimate to resist any work.


The corporate world has made two scales of progress: the first performance and the second ability to do the job better quickly. In an attempt to live up to this parameter, many times, people become frustrated and angry. Psychologists say that not to appreciate others' feelings, to reduce sensitivity to people's greetings, to increase the greed for physical comforts is always caused by anger. In today's era, there have been many professions that sometimes face consumers' anger and have to smile at their right and wrong things. At times, the frustration of not saying anything is a culmination of anger.

Anger worsens health:

Anger spoils the atmosphere, it also harms your health. The lung function of angry people gets worse, and the immune system is also adversely affected. Because of this, you become a victim of stress-related diseases. The angry person harms himself, even the atmosphere around him. One bad aspect is that the angry person does not even have a point that he is angry, but the pleasant side is that anger can be controlled and managed.

How to control anger:

  • - It is better to control anger than to do positive and creative work.
  • - Play a musical instrument when angry.
  • -Clean the room, go see the picture, move around a little.
  • - Do anything that will split your attention for a while.
  • -A joke is the best way to relieve stress.
  • -Research shows that water should be sipped to relieve stress. It relieves stress.
  • - Eating food on time, exercising and resting enough makes the anger less
  • - Yoga, meditation, and cognitive techniques are also effective in eliminating stress and anger.

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