Have you ever imagined that bald face down some years from now? You might not be the only one in that case. The fast nearing baldness on almost every head today is the most dreaded thing for all generations after all. Hair loss is a moreover a problem everyone is dealing with these days. It is not just hair fall, but premature greying, weak and frizzy hair stands and much more.

Hair might just be a natural accessory to improve your looks, but it has a great deal to take on your confidence. Numerous hair products in the market speak highly of their hair fall controlling actions, but the chemicals that they contain are the main causative agents for hair loss.

Before you start moving towards making a decision for your hair product it is necessary that you understand where the problem lies. Unless it is genetic for you to lose hair at an early age, it sure can be reversed in the early stages. Going natural would definitely take you a long way around the hair fall story.

Here we enlist seven products that will surely help you deal with your hair problems-

Fenugreek – this easily available product there in your kitchen shelves is a wonder for your hair. Try a fenugreek pack on your hair and notice the effect within just a week or two. However, it is advisable that you use this once or twice a week as overuse might create problems for people already dealing with dry hair.

Onion – You might not believe in the wonder that onions can bring in to the health of your hair. Application of onion juice directly onto the hair roots helps them grow stronger while preventing hair loss. This also helps you fight pre-mature greying of hair.

Egg mask – Not just for a bakery but for your hair as well eggs work wonders to improvise hair health. As all of us know egg whites are proteins. Therefore, they supply good amounts of proteins to the hair strands and let them grow faster while reducing hair fall. Ditch those frizzy hair days, that drive you crazy out of irritation with regular egg mask for your hair as then soften hair stands and make them stronger.

Beetroot – this natural coloring ingredient is a storehouse of minerals and vitamins that it can supply to the hair, keep your scalp healthy. Simultaneously it also helps you detoxify your body over regular consumption, which ultimately results in reduced hair fall and stronger bodily functions.

GreenTea – By this time, green tea has been long known for its Anti-oxidant properties. As this helps maintain you the overall health of the body it does good to your strands as well. You could also use it as a pack directly on your scalp and let it work tough on the hair problems.

Olive oil – Who on earth is not aware of the benefits that olive oil encompasses with its high content in omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids to the skin and hair. This oil, rich in anti-oxidants, helps you fight problems like dandruff and other fungal infections on the scalp.

Indigo – A much lesser known hair health ingredient that makes your hair stronger and is better known for its dying properties. Indigo helps you get your hair dyed and stronger all the way more easily. However, it might find yourself troubled to find genuine indigo in the market. This is somewhat similar in its physical properties to the much-known Heena.

The list of ingredients in your daily hair care routine can go long, as you strive the find yourself the perfect one. Therefore, it is important that you try to understand your hair and scalp type before choosing a product. These products are the best natural go-to solutions to all your hair problems and let you focus on life more than your falling hair. Use this product on your hair and let us know what works the best in your case.