This generation is witnessing the most phenomenal technological evolution, that any other generations would ever see. From large room computer systems to highly intelligent SmartPhone and now the advent of significant real-world emergence of robotics and artificial intelligence; the Millennials have seen huge transformation and advancement. Undoubtedly, these technological advances and intelligent machines have made our life easy and stress-free.

We have come up with one of the buzzing topics that the whole world is today talking about, it is no other than “Artificial Intelligence”. You might have heard a lot about this intelligent technology and you must have also read in the newspapers or the internet that most of the businesses are using it to drive profits and understand customer behavior. This blog is all about the “the growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence technology by manufacturers, service providers and business across the world”. We would also throw some light on “IBM Watson” – one of the exemplary example of this outstanding technology and how it can help the business to develop the better understanding of the customer behavior and boost revenue.

Lets have a close look at this miraculous technology

Artificial Intelligence is an impeccable technology that lets the machine work and react intelligently just like humans. Believe it or not, AI is now an essential part of the technology industry.

You might have definitely used the virtual personal assistant like “Google assistant” and “ Siri” m which are the most significant example of AI.

Growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence

In order to cut down the costs of hardware, software and staffing; Artificial Intelligence tools are widely used by businesses for learning, planning, and problem-solving.

These days, many corporate are leveraging the power and potential of the AI and other related advanced technologies, as it helps them stimulate efficiency, productivity, customer service, and revenue.

According to the Forrester Research, the businesses which have introduced the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology “will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less informed competitors by 2020.”

However, creating intelligent machines are not an easy cake walk; one needs to have the proficient technical knowledge and have specialized skills of programming artificial intelligence that include knowledge, reasoning, perception, and capability to manipulate. Moreover, having an in-house AI tool can be quite expensive too.

Being a business owner, you don’t need to freak out; as many companies have introduced AI components and tools as a service. One can use these services to experiment with AI for various business purposes.

Why IBM Watson?

Do you know? IBM Watson processes at the gigantic speed of 80 teraflops to replicate the human’s logic of answering to any question. Isn’t it extravagant?

When you already know that Artificial intelligence (AI) has already transformed the business across all sectors; then at this age, who can be your perfect partner to enhance and empower your business than IBM Watson. You will be amazed to know that IBM Watson can help you to structure all your unstructured data effortlessly. Moreover, you can leverage these miraculous technologies to streamline your workflow, production, and profit.

IBM Watson comes with many extraordinary functions and help business owners in various aspects that include voice search assistant, AI-enabled tool to determine the current market scenario, improves customer service, stimulates employee engagement and development.

So, if you are a business owner and have not yet integrated AI tools; then you must do it before it is too late, as it plays a vital role in today’s business scenario. Hope you will thrive and sustain in this ever-changing marketplace after implementing Artificial Intelligence tools.