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The procedure to refund the frozen funds to the Sahara Group's investors has already begun. The 'CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal' was introduced on July 18 by Cooperation Minister Amit Shah. To receive their money back from deposits, 7 lakh investors have registered on this website. At the same time, claims totaling Rs 150 crore have thus far been received. If you plan to file a claim because your money is also stuck, it's crucial to understand a few key points.


PAN Card will be required: The depositor of Sahara Sosadity will be required to furnish PAN card information if the claim amount is Rs. 50,000 or above. Additionally, this information is available on the Sahara Refund Portal website. The depositor also has to have a membership number. Linking the account number and Aadhaar to the mobile device is also required. In addition, the claim can only be submitted if the required paperwork, such as a deposit certificate and passbook, are on hand.


You will get a notification on your registered mobile device informing you that a PAN is necessary if your claim is for $50,000 or more. An acknowledgment number will be shown on the site following a successful claim, and a message will be sent to the depositor's registered cellphone number for confirmation.


Within 30 days of the claim being successfully filed, Sahara Society will approve the claim. Your claim money will be credited to your bank account within 15 days after Sahara Society has validated it. This information will be communicated to the depositor via SMS or email.