As the little ventilation drop happened in the capital, the air quality falls again. For a few more days the capital has to face the poor air category with an AQI of 316. As per the current situation updated by SAFAR ( System Of Air Quality And Weather Forecasting And Research), PM2.5 becomes the main pollutant instead of PM10 which is the main characteristic of wintertime.


The air quality of Delhi is deteriorating day by day, the poor quality of air AQI is expected forecast till February 11. As per the SAFAR updated that around 6 A.M, the air quality near Pusa Road, Delhi University Road, and many more areas, the AQI level will be very poor ranging between 317, 308, 341, and 301 and different areas. 


Whereas some areas are affected by the very poor air quality, some are the areas around Delhi that are facing moderate air quality ranging between 297-296. These are treated as decent air quality by SAFAR, there are steps which SAFAR has divided to measure the different levels of air quality.


These levels are:

  • 51-100 satisfactory
  • 101-200 moderate 
  • 201-300 poor
  • 300-400 very poor
  • 401-500 hazardous

The air quality is expected low for the continuous two days, and it may get better by the 11th of Feb. If the discussion takes place about the Delhi NCR then the adjacent cities’ air quality lies in between the moderate to very poor category. The air quality of the Noida lies under the very poor category with an AQI of 306, while the Gurugram air quality lies between the moderate AQI of 208.


As the air quality is deteriorating and the fog getting dense, both have hindered the visibility and this leads to traffic jams as well as creates trouble for the daily commuters. The Indian Meteorological Department ( MDI) reported the low 9 degrees celcious temperature of Delhi. The government is working towards the plans to make the national capital’s air quality better so that the citizens don’t face any kind of hazardous health issues. The daily commuters are advised to leave early for offices as they might face the traffic due to dense fog and dipping air quality.


We can only expect that the air quality improves and situations become better for the people who love going out. Going out currently can leave adverse effects on the health of the individuals.


Picture Credit: Business Standards