There is no special day for the mother that it is a different thing that a particular day has been dedicated to the mother. Mother's Day is celebrated on Sundays of the second week in May. This year, the special day is being celebrated on 10th May, i.e., In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to spend time with your beloved mother. On Mother's Day, you will be happy with a lot of things, but take a special step this time and uniquely thank the mother for these 5 things.

Thank her for this life

Who can do it better than the mother to raise and care for the child in your cob? Many sacrifices of the mother are hidden behind her health and happy life. So thank her wholeheartedly. According to reports from the United Nations, 830 women die every day due to preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Thank her for education

The first teacher of any child is a mother. We have a mother who teaches the qualities we have. After that, many mothers in the world fight long battles to ensure that their children receive a good education, as it is the only key to ending the cycle of poverty and opening up equal opportunities for girls and boys.

Thank her for maternity penalties

Taking time to take care of children is a hindrance to women's careers, despite which the mother does not allow the care of children to be hindered. Income inequality between men and women is like ground skies. As women become mothers, income and opportunities become wider between men and women.

Thank her for fighting the life battle for you

Every child will be witness to this because our mother has fought the battle of our right to date. Many mothers have fought long and hard so that we have rights and freedom. So this time, embrace your mother with love and call them 'thank you' because the mother is precious.

Thank her for making testy food

Every child needs to have no food like his mother. So this time, thank your mother for making testy food every day and blooming. They are in charge of maintaining availability, access, use of food as well as management of food supply in times of economic difficulties.

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