Teenage fashion is something that is a mixture of the boldness of an adult and excitement of a child. It requires a different wardrobe altogether and cannot be trapped in conventional dressing patterns. Having a different sense of dressing that reflects their personality is an important element for teenagers and especially girls.

With fashion trends changing all the time, it is important for girls in their teenage to get to the times. Hence, here, we present one of the most sought-after fashion trends for teenage women in 2019.

Oversized attires. Hide the flaws!

The era of crop tops is gone. Now, make way for the new trend around the corner. Oversize! Yes. Oversize sweaters, puffer jackets, loose shirts etc. have been heavily trendy around teenagers lately.


This style also goes with the new and open concept of believing that beauty comes in all sizes. While the teens are starting to believe that zero figures aren't a necessity for looking beautiful, oversize gives them a sense of comfort. They go with all kinds of body shape that conventional tight fit clothes can't go with. 

Metallic shades. Reflect your style...

If you find yourself parting a lot lately, chances are that you are either a celebrity or simply a teenager. Once you are off to college, it is all you going out and having fun with minimal restrictions. Obviously, you have to look your best at parties.

Girls today have taken the award function patterns of dressing, straight to their teen parties! They are dominated with shiny attires of silver, gold and other glossy colors that are metallic and give out a bold and elegant essence.

Hats. They are back!

A perfect accessory for the summers. Now, they are back into trends! Hats combine comfort under the sun along with a quirky and bold essence. Isn’t that what a teen wants after all? The most sought-after hat is the one in trends. Oversized hats. Giving a better shade along with a style of concealing looks makes it all the more appealing to teenagers. 


The best part about hats is that they go with every outfit. Right from party wear and formals, to holidays attire and casuals. You just have to choose the right hat!

The Boyfriend edition...

The latest trend, even for 2019! This one has spread around teens like hill fire. Boyfriend jeans and shirts have been the best attire to look after in 2019. Loose jeans and shirts give a casual and fun look. They are comfortable, break the conventional norms of fashion and are surprisingly attractive.

Teens prefer them in every kind of occasion ranging for corporate internships to weekend parties. Boyfriend jeans have a way of fitting to every occasion. Boyfriend shirts are appealing because they are oversize. They are also a part of the oversize fashion that combines comfort with a new and upcoming sense of clothing.

These were our top picks for fashion trends among teenage girls in 2019. Do you agree with our list? Do let us know in the comments below.


Image Credit : Stay Trendy