The Taj Mahal and Agra fort have opened on Monday after the closure of 188 days. Tourists are being accepted at both the monuments after thermal screening and sanitization. After the lockdown of the tomb of Sarjhana, the first was the tourist Shubham Singh of Delhi. He arrived at the western gate of the Taj Mahal at 5:39 am and at exactly 5:40 am, he visited the Sangmarri Taj. A few minutes later, Chinese tourist Liang Chiang took entry from the eastern gate. The opening of the World Heritage Monument has led to the hope of returning to the tourism traders who have been in despair for six months. Both monuments were closed on March 17 due to coronavirus infection.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is being followed. Tourists have been reaching the Taj Mahal since morning. All the details are being recorded in the register at the entrance. The ticket window is closed, and the tourists are booking tickets by scanning the QR code. Delhi's Shubham Singh entered the Taj Mahal at 5:40 am. He was the first tourist to see the Taj. On Monday, 1235 tourists arrived to visit the open Taj Mahal for the first time since the lockdown. There were 20 foreigners. This is the largest number of the first day after the lockdown in monuments across the country. On the first day, no more tourists have arrived at any monument. The visit of Agra Fort reached 248 tourists, including five foreigners. In view of the coronavirus infection before the lockdown, the precautionary monuments were closed from March 17. On Sunday, the Archaeological Survey of India was said to have booked about 2500 tickets for Monday, but 1235 tourists arrived here on Monday. In spite of the ticket being booked, when the short tourist came, it was found that about 2500 tickets were booked till September 30 till Sunday evening, but due to confusion, it was understood to be booking for Monday. Superintending archaeologist Vasant Kumar Swarup said that the Taj Mahal's first day was opened, a good response was received. The number of tourists will increase in the coming days when the weather is favorable and the start of the tourism season.

Difficulty in booking tickets due to network problem:

On Monday, network problems at the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, tourists had difficulty booking tickets online. After scanning the QR code, the tourist's payment was stuck, and the ticket was not booked. To diagnose the problem, ASI has provided WiFi at the Taj Mahal. This arrangement is also being made at Agra Fort.

In view of the good response of the first day, the expectations of five lakh people associated with the tourism business have reached the peak level. Their demand is to start international flights, tourist visa services, and end of a 14-day quarantine period for people coming from abroad. About five lakh people are dependent on tourism and handicrafts business in Agra. These include hotel and restaurant operators, guides, photographers, handicrafts traders, handicrafts, tours, travel operators, shopkeepers, etc. With the closure of the monument on March 17, there was a crisis before all. They did not get relief even after the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort were opened on September one. There was an atmosphere of uncertainty and disappointment. On Monday, the Taj Mahal opened, shops at east and western gates were also opened. With the return of the charm, tourism traders are expected to gradually improve the situation.

The Taj Mahal opened Monday morning, the panic of the Corona period changed, but it was going to be safe. Thermal screening at the gate and entry into the register. Sanitization of hands and shoes, and as soon you scan tickets online at the gate by guards. Earlier, where the CSSF jawans used to check the tourists by touching hands, they had hand-held detectors in their hands. They were examining people by following the physical distance. There were a few photographers instead of a herd of photographers who were frozen in the forecourt. The Taj Mahal image, seen from the video platform, was going to be settled forever in mind. Clean water on the water channel and the park's greenery did not feel that the Taj Mahal was open after 188 days. The tourists were relaxed in the atmosphere: no noisy scenes, only peace. The atmosphere reminded the tourism people who visited the Taj Mahal in the old days when the Taj Mahal did not have so many tourists.

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