A Woman in Gujrat found out her son’s suicide note after 1 year of his death. She had no idea about why his son took such a drastic step in April 2020.  

According to the report of timesnownews.com, the Man named Madhav jumped into the Narmada canal and his body was found a day later. He wrote the suicide note on april 2019 but his mother found out her deceased son’s suicide note from his cupboard stuck inside the bedsheet on January 2021. The Suicide note was written on april, 8 2019 exactly a year before Madhav took the huge step.

The Reason behind suicide note can be disturbing for many people. His letter revealed that he had erectile dysfunction a few days before his marriage. His wife also started calling him impotent, The Times of India reported. He was depressed about his sexual life with his wife.  

He wrote in his suicide note that he saw her wife sleeping with her lover in front of his eyes and she used to perform this activity often. He even asked his wife to end the relationship with him but she didn’t listen and continued to insult him. Therefore, He took this drastic step and committed suicide.  


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