An Indian feels incomplete without enjoying these street foods in his life. Why else? These street food are more than just the fancy restaurants for tasty food, and they are in such a small amount. This is the kind of food that everyone likes, so it doesn't matter what the status is and the background. But unfortunately, not all street foods are healthy. There is a question in our mind that we continue asking ourselves is it healthy for us whenever we enjoy street food without any thought. Here are some street foods which helps to maintain your healthy diet. 

Idli : It is the best option to have idli in breakfast. Idli is not only delicious to eat but also very beneficial for health. People eat it with great zeal during breakfast. If we talk about nutritious breakfast, idli's name comes at the top of this list. By eating idli and sambar or idli and chutney, health is rich in protein, fiber, amino acids, and at the same time, it also protects the body from other problems.

Dosa: Always try to avoid oil in your breakfast or prefer butter dosa. It can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or night anytime. Dosa is not only a tasty dish, but it is also very healthy. It consists of high-protein pulses and rice. It is easily digested, as well as it keeps your stomach full. Try to eat plain dosa with sambar with lots of vegetables. This will also give you fiber.

Omelets: Omelets are considered to be the best breakfast (High Protein Egg Breakfast Recipes) and are also used as first-day meal miles across the country. The popularity of omelets is not only due to its easy availability and cheapness but also because the food is full of nutrients. You can experiment with omelet as much as you want and turn it into a light breakfast. Omelet is an excellent source of protein and amino acids. There are only a few things that contain complete protein, and egg is one of them. Apart from this, all nine essential amino acids are also found in it, which are very important for the body.

Normal Thaal with Chapatis: This is the main lunch of many people in India. Pulses are rich in protein, fiber, and cholesterol, and rice is rich in carbohydrates. In this case, it is a healthy diet. Chapatis has many nutrients. Those who maintain the body's energy. And keep us healthy. Chapatis contains minerals like B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, etc. This is the reason that people are healthy by eating chapatis.

Veg Biryani : It is readily available in your nearest market. Protein is found in soya chunk biryani. It is the very best option to have vegetable biryani in your lunch. Soya chunks biryani recipe is good for health as well as tasty in eating biryani. Soya chunks are a great source of Calcium, Vitamine, and Protein.

Pluses and Chapati with a glass of milk: Try to avoid anything substantial in your dinner. It's better to have light dinner. Pulses are rich source of different healthy minerals and proteins. A glass of warm milk makes it full and perfect healthy dinner.

Chole with rice : Rice with chole also great option for dinner and it is quickly available everywhere. It helps to complete your daily protein needs. Chole has various benefits like it helps to improve digestion and gives vital vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

 image credit : menchester's finest