Old vehicles will be tried at the Automated Fitness Center and the wellness trial of the vehicles will be led by worldwide norms. Discharge test, slowing mechanism, security parts will be tried and the vehicles which fall flat in the wellness test will be scrapped. The rules for making Fitness Test and Scrapping Centres will become effective from October 1, 2021. 

- Scrapping an old vehicle is perhaps the most secure alternative accessible than moving the old vehicle to another state. This guarantees that the vehicle is hacked into pieces and reused. This will likewise forestall the odds of its unapproved use. 

- When an old vehicle is rejected, its suspension number is taken out before it is sent for reuse. 

- The vehicle proprietor should move toward an approved piece seller for rejecting. 

- It is the obligation of the vendor to guarantee that the vehicle is discarded in a protected way with no unfavorable effect on the climate.

- The vehicle proprietor ought to likewise move toward the RTO and advise them that his old vehicle has been properly rejected. 

- Also, there is a choice to deregister the old vehicle as well. 

- The piece vendor will play out an actual examination of the vehicle and provide a cost estimate for rejecting dependent on the heaviness of the vehicle. When an arrangement is reached, the piece vendor will eliminate the vehicle parts and isolate them into elastic, plastic, iron, and so on 

- The vehicle proprietor can haggle on the value he/she gets for various vehicle parts, like battery, tires, and so on This to a great extent relies upon the state of these parts too. Assuming the vehicle has a CNG unit fitted, this can likewise be managed independently. 

- The vehicle proprietor should check whether the vehicle has really been rejected by the piece seller. It is conceivable that the piece vendor doesn't actually scrap the vehicle, and afterward, it might change hands and be utilized for criminal operations. This could welcome difficulty for the first vehicle proprietor, as the enrollment of the vehicle is in his/her name. 

- It isn't obligatory to present the first RC to the piece seller. A copy of the RC can be given to the vendor. 

- The vehicle proprietor should take photographs of the rejected vehicle as proof for additional methods at the RTO. 

- If the vehicle is fit as a fiddle, the piece seller can sell the extra pieces of at a decent cost. Just the metallic body of the vehicle will be rejected.

Image Credit: The Financial Express