Whether you work for the government or in the private sector, you need your Aadhaar card to prove your identity in India. You can use government amenities by using your Aadhaar card. You would have seen that the photo becomes distorted on certain people's Aadhaar cards. They are embarrassed to display it to anyone in such a circumstance. To prevent this from happening to you, we will share a simple way to update the photo on your Aadhaar card through the internet.


Process will be done by visiting the official website of UIDAI.

You now have the option to update the photo on your Aadhaar and replace it with a different, better one online. Please let people know you can edit your Aadhaar information, including name, cell phone number, address, gender, date of birth, and photo, with the help of the UIDAI. If you are unaware of this procedure, we will explain it today.


This is the easiest process to update photos in Aadhaar.

>> You must first visit the UIDAI website to update the photo on your Aadhaar card.

>> The Aadhaar Enrollment Form Update Form must now be downloaded from the Aadhaar section.

>> Now that the form has been completed, you must submit it to the Permanent Enrollment Centre.

>> Your biometric information is taken here.

>> You must now deposit Rs 100 to finish the procedure.

>> After this procedure, You will receive an acknowledgment slip with the URL.

>> This URN can be used to check for updates.

>> Your Aadhaar's image is then updated after that.