Things are gradually being opened after three months of continuous lockdown. Flights, trains, and buses are also being run for the yatra. People are traveling because of their work. But while doing all these things, they are also afraid of their safety because the slightest negligence can infect them with the coronavirus. That is where they are traveling during work and staying in hotels in other cities. Find out the dangers and ways to avoid them in this article during the stay in the hotel.

How dangerous hotel can be for infection:

A hotel is a bustling place. Where people from all over the country and abroad come and stay. There is a high risk of exposure to viruses at this place. They all know that they have to avoid coronavirus threat, so everyone should be at a distance of about six feet. But it is not possible to follow this rule everywhere. That too, when you are in a busy place like a hotel.

Housekeeping may pose a threat:

Like home, the hotel will not be cleaned by itself. The movement of the hotel's staff housekeeper and others in the room can increase the risk of corona infection. Because it is difficult to expect cleanliness with a lot of people.

A lot of people stay at the hotel:

In a room in a hotel, many people come and stop. It is difficult to find out whether or not to be infected. It is good to have your own security. So avoid traveling outside as far as possible. However, if you have to travel and stay in the hotel, keep these things in mind.

Always wear masks. Keep washing hands at a little while, especially when you are going to touch something or eat food. Even though the hotel staff has cleaned your room thoroughly, you must disinfect yourself after entering the room. Those things in the room come in contact with people, such as door handle, switch, wardrobe handles to clean them all. Get out of the room and clean the hands after touching any part of the hotel. Such as elevator buttons and door handles do not bring hands near mouth, eyes, and ears after touching them and cleaning immediately.

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