We today’s women are everything from entrepreneurs, Lawyers to doctors or busy mothers. We are ambitious, hardworking and amazing at our jobs. But all of this demands attention and a lot of work to see the success that we want to see and in between, we forget us and our bodies especially our skin. So from when we were going to work to when we were coming back from picking up groceries, we were exposing our skin to pollution, dust and numerous microorganisms. They not only are harmful to our skin’s beauty but they are also killing the healthiness of our skin. So to help us I am revealing the skin’s secret from the best you can get that are our Bollywood divas –

Kareena Kapoor : all about nature – When it comes to the biggest Bollywood diva she says she is all about nature. Even though she thanks her genes for her beauty, and we don’t deny that, she says she drinks at least 6 glasses of boiled water each day. Not only this but she is very much against to all the monster chemicals that many beauty products have and advise us to apply as little of makeup as possible. She is a healthy diet with regular exercise also helps in adding to the glow of her skin(even if she is a slayer in that department).

Deepika Padukone : hydrated skin – Apart from being a top cast actress, she is one of the most beautiful women in Bollywood (I wish I was that perfect). She is also all about keeping her skin and body hydrated. She daily cleans, moisturises and tones her skin. She says that cleaning your makeup completely off your face is very important and then she completes the day by applying the hydration cream.

Alia Bhatt : the young beauty – The young cute, adorable, sexy …and the list goes on in defining this diva. She is a mix of young talent and perfect figure. Her secret to glowing skin is multani matti and detoxing her body by taking the alkaline diet and lots of lots of water. She says that drinking water helps in hydration as well as keeping you She also says that if there is puffiness on her face in the morning she just uses ice to calm that down. Apart from that, she is very much into exercise, especially pilates. So ladies you better work that body!

Katrina Kaif : Beauty Surplus – The words will not suffice to describe her beauty. She is the queen of hearts and ageless when it comes to her skin. She is a big fan of water and drinks at least 6 glasses of water daily. She is on a macrobiotic diet i.e. taking fruits and vegetable every two hours of the day. In breakfast, she takes cereals and oatmeals. And for the everlasting glowing skin, she takes acai berry and wheatgrass powder.

So, ladies, the secret has been revealed! When it comes to all these divas it is all about staying natural, doing a lot of exercise, drinking many glasses of water, staying away from chemicals as much as possible and taking a rich diet.