The havoc of the coronavirus is increasing. The cases of infection with this virus are increasing every day. The doctors say that the immunization needs to be strengthened to avoid the coronavirus. The question arises, how do we know whether our immunization is strong or not? Today we are going to tell you some symptoms of weak immunity.....

Fatigue at all times:

If you feel tired all the time, it can be a symptom of low immunization.

Always feel sick:

Frequent illness is a major symptom of low immunization. If you also fall ill again and again, take a healthy diet to strengthen the immunization system.


If you are repeatedly allergic to some kind of allergy, it is a symptom of low immunity.

Taking time to heal wounds:

If you have a wound somewhere in your body and do not fill it completely, it is a sign of low immunization.

Digestive problems:

People who have low immunization may have digestive problems.

Find out the reasons why immunity becomes low:


People who already have a disease such as diabetes, etc., have a weak immunization system.

More cigarettes, alcohol, and bad food:

The use of more cigarettes and alcohol leads to immunization. The immune system does not work properly due to poor catering.

Know how to increase immunization:


In paprika, vitamin C is found in abundance, which helps in increasing the immunization.


Broccoli is also found in an abundance of vitamin C. Broccoli contains phytochemicals and antioxidants that help to increase the immunization. Vitamin E is also found to fight viruses.


Proteins are found in Gram. According to a report, the immune system works properly by consuming Gram.


According to one research, if half of the strawberry is eaten every day, our body will not be deficient in vitamin C. Vitamin C works to increase our immunization.

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