Coronavirus infection has reached 188 countries in the world. More than 6.9 million people worldwide are infected with the coronavirus, and more than 3.99 million people have died so far. The cases of Covid-19 in India have exceeded 2.47 lakh. At the same time, 6946 people have been confirmed dead so far. More than 1 lakh 19 thousand patients have been cured. Many countries had advised people to stay safe from the coronavirus. People were told to remain in their homes and exit the house in case of an emergency. As a result, the Government of India declared a lockdown across the country. Later, the government also began to relax the lockdown in areas where the number of corona patients was low. But the Indian government made it clear that everyone who exited covered his mouth with masks.

Many other countries, including India, have gradually started opening lockdown and asked people to exercise caution. People have been asked to take care of cleanliness, clean hands regularly, wear masks, and come back in contact with each other, i.e., follow social dissing. But a question is also being asked whether it is possible to protect against wearing masks? Or is it safe to wear masks?

But it's not as easy as you're thinking the answer to this question. Many countries, such as the UK, USA, and Singapore, have been advised not to wear masks if they are not sick. This advice has been issued based on the World Health Organization, and that is probably why you may have seen very few people wearing masks on the streets of these countries. But in many countries, such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, wearing masks has become a social culture, and most people are wearing masks if you look at it. People who are using masks argue that it is important to wear it. They say that people who look healthy may also have viruses. But some people say that even those who are healthy are still using masks, they are struggling with masks that really need it.

However, wearing masks or not to wear is a controversial issue. There are many cases where people wearing masks have been attacked, as most countries have not been in the practice of wearing masks. Meanwhile, those who do not wear masks in China and South Korea are being treated as wrong, and in many buildings, the entry of people without wearing masks has also been banned. The World Health Organization has also issued its new guidelines in this regard.

World Health Organization's new guidelines on masks: 

1. Where the infection is high, people should wear masks at all times. Even in crowded places, wearing masks is important.

2. All healthy people should wear a fabric mask with three layers. People who are sick are wearing medical-grade masks.

3. In places where the level of infection is high, everyone should use a medical-grade mask.

4. Health workers in hospitals, as well as patients and all those present there should wear medical-grade masks.

Earlier, the World Health Organization had said that not all people needed to wear masks. The WHO had said that they should wear masks that are infected or at risk.

How to Wear and Use Masks:

Be sure to clean your hands before wearing masks. Clean hands thoroughly with alcohol-based sanitizer or soap. Cover the mouth and nose of the mask worn completely and try not to have a gap between your mask and mouth. Do not touch the mask while wearing masks. Wear it with a mask belt. Keep changing masks as quickly as possible and try to avoid re-using single-use masks. Take off the mask when you're taking it off. Don't hand it out to the front. Discard the mask immediately after landing it. Put the used mask in the dustbin with a lid.

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