The pilot belongs from Bhopal but stays in Mumbai. The TV actress who accused the pilot for raping her at her own residence stays in Mumbai alone.  

The TV actress who is 27-year-old claims that she was hoping to get married to this guy. She met him through a matrimonial site. They used to talk a lot on social media channels and phone calls as well.  

The TV actress claims that this guy promised to marry her and called her up 10 days ago to see her in person. As the TV actress who accused pilot of raping her stays alone in Mumbai, she asked him to come over. She claims that he raped her several times and a few days later he stopped talking to her.  

When the woman tried to communicate with him about the issue, he refused to marry her. The actor also said that the pilot assured to introduce her to his parents but never kept his words. With his behaviour, she went ahead with the complaint and currently, an investigation is underway. 


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