These days farmers are using life-threatening chemicals without giving any second thought just to increase production and profits. This enhances the brightness and shine of vegetables, but it also becomes tasteless, without aromatic fragments, and extremely injurious to human health. Vegetables are often placed under their colored light so that they shine more. This is done to divert attention. When buying a vegetable, remove it from the light, and see it, so that the real color can be visible. Some fruit vegetables are layered with wax so that they shine more. You can remove this layer by knife or spoon when buying capsicum and apples. Keeping in warm water for a while makes the wax lose and descend easily.

Many vegetables are painted on them to show beautiful. If you buy pea grains from the market, place them in warm water for a while before cooking so that the color is separated. This harmful color can also lead to a risk of cancer. You must pay full attention to them while buying vegetables. It is not necessary to have a fine-looking vegetables are more nutritious. Rub the upper layer of the vegetable test and also focus on the aroma.

Before cooking, keep every vegetable in a strainer and wash very well. Vegetable washing brushes are also available in the market, just like utensil washing brushes. They also clean the vegetable and also not lose their natural formation too much. Agricultural security experts periodically provide information about the use of medicines and overdose losses as per norms through different programs in rural areas. But despite that, harmful vegetables are being sold in the market. Always cook very well and then eat vegetables to reduce the toxic effect of chemicals.

Image credit: dailymail