The Political journey is always filling with sharp turns, something like that was witnessed in West Bengal Politics as BJP has announced Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty is joining the party and starting his brand-new journey in politics.  Even Mr. Chakraborty joined the party with much hustle and the first dialogue he said “Ek chobol chobi” (death in one strike). As we all know politics is not new to him as it is known that he is once near to current Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and was a MP of Trinamool Congress way back before he put down from upper house in 2016.

He joined the BJP at an assembly at Brigade march grounds, minutes before Prime Minister Narendra Modi tended to the social occasion. Mr. Modi depicted Mr. Chakraborty as "Bengal's own child", whose life exemplified "battle and achievement". Mr. Chakraborty is without a doubt one of West Bengal's social symbols, who has a significant fan following across the State. He was welcomed with part of cheers at the Brigade march grounds. The entertainer didn't frustrate his fans by rehashing a discourse from one of his movies: "Ami jol dhorao noi, bele borao noi, ami ekta cobra, jat ghokhro, ek chhobole chhobi [I am not a jol dhora (water snake), I am not bele bora (other types of non-noxious snake), I am a cobra, I will get demise one strike]." Mr. Chakraborty said that he was a glad Bengali and would consistently stay by the side of poor people. 

Afterward, addressing columnists, the 70-year-old entertainer said that he would not point fingers at anybody on why he had left the TMC. As per him it was his wrong choice. Mr. Chakraborty said that the BJP was the solitary party that was working for poor people. "You can call me egotistical however everything I can say is that I need to remain by the poor...we all will pursue the acknowledgment of the Prime Minister's making of 'Sonar Bangla' (brilliant Bengal)." 

The Trinamool Congress administration communicated frustration over the turn of events. TMC MP Sougata Roy said that Mr. Chakraborty had been an ally of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), after which he lobbied for the TMC in 2014, following which he was shipped off the Rajya Sabha with the help of the TMC. Mr. Roy pondered when Mr. Chakraborty would make a political U-turn once more.