The largest public sector bank in the nation is offering a government job opportunity. For Channel Manager Facilitator, Channel Manager Supervisor, and Support Officer positions, State Bank of India will conduct recruitment. According to the report, SBI will fill 1031 positions in total. Any SBI or government bank employee can apply for this position. 


For the Channel Manager Facilitator, there are 821 openings, according to the notification. Additionally, there are 38 openings for the position of Support Officer and 172 openings for Channel Manager Supervisor.


How much will the salary be?

Channel Manager Facilitator – Rs 36000

Channel Manager Supervisor – Rs 41000

Support Officer – Rs 41000


What is the selection process?

Candidates will be chosen for interviews before being hired by SBI. A short list of candidates will be selected for a discussion among the applications received. The interview carries 100 points. A final list will be created based on the interview results.