In this era of technology, most people now prefer to buy from online shopping sites from clothes to TVs and fridges, as they get attractive deals and discounts on all products here. On the other hand, hackers are also targeting people using new methods. So if you are also thinking of shopping online, you must take care of these things before that. Let us know about these...

Give priority to official website

In addition to the e-commerce website, you can also search your product on the official website or app of its manufacturing company. Buy the goods only when available there. You will also get excellent goods, and the payment is also safe.

Beware of fake site

More than 100 e-commerce websites are running in the country. Some of these websites are well acquainted with people, while there are some who only work to deceive people. Sometimes people are tempted by showing huge discounts on products. When ordered, the money is deducted, but the goods either don't arrive, or the wrong stuff reaches. People have no option but to repent.

Cash on Delivery Safest 

The easiest and safest way to avoid any kind of online fraud is cash on delivery. If this facility is available while ordering goods, you should choose it. The first goods reach you, then you have to make a cash payment. The risk of fraud is reduced.

Tick 'No' in Save Detail

When you enter your ATM card information while making a payment during shopping, you get the option of save card details. Sometimes it is already ticking on ok or yes. Before making the payment firm, remove the tick from yes and select no.

You also know that companies like Flipkart and Amazon do not sell goods themselves. Through the site of these companies, different retailers sell their products. You need to read the seller's review before buying any goods that are selling the goods. Review you will find on the site itself. In addition, if you are buying goods from the Amazon, it gets the label of Amazon Fulfilled. Similarly, Flipkart is also labeled. Buy the same product with a level.

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