We are dealing with many perilous problems in the world, but these problems are nothing in front of the environmental issue which we all are facing. In places where a very diverse life on Earth has flourished for the past 10 million years, the life-threatening potential of the Earth is at stake.

One of the causes for this is the rapid growth of greenhouse gases, altering the presence of a particular proportion of different gases on Earth. Because of these numerous cases, such a distinct life could thrive on earth. The surge in greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, is particularly associated with the problem of climate change and the enigma of increasing the earth's average temperature. There are also several other environmental obstacles connected with it, such as water crisis, air pollution, food preservation crisis, forest devastation, the rapid decay of biodiversity, the speedy expansion of hazardous chemicals and products, etc.

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The second major disaster is the occupancy of the vast killer weapons. On the one side, we talk about peace, but, at the same time we all are yearning for the war, these are the two realms belonging entirely to humans, there are 14,500 atomic weapons on Earth, on the other hand, billions of dollars are being placed in their modernization. New humanoid and artificial intelligence, advanced weapons are coming quickly, which can likely possess an even more imminent threat and progress beyond personal authority. We do not hold much time to puzzle out this crisis. The world's most prominent environment, scientists have clearly warned that we need real changes to combat the rise in Earth's average temperature should be completed by 1.50 degrees Celsius by 2020-30; Otherwise, the crisis will be out of human dominance. Once atomic weapons are used, no one can guess where it will go and stop.

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If the pace of extinction of another species continues, it cannot be said to what extent the foundation of life on Earth will be disrupted. The deep need is to build the overall agenda of protecting the Earth globally and give it the highest precedence. It should give the design of a great movement. So far, the issues of justice, equality, peace, and democracy have been getting more importance in several mass movements and public causes. All these objectives should be linked to the widespread demand for survival on Earth. Nature itself is absurd. Humans need to protect the environment because we don't want to be extinct. 

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