Scientists from all over the world, including India, are engaged in making coronavirus vaccine. Russia has taken a beating in the case. Sechenov University has claimed that it has prepared the corona vaccine. It says that all the vaccine tests have been done, and they have been successful. Though the vaccine has not yet been confirmed globally, it is believed that if the claim of the Sechenov University is correct, it will be the world's first corona vaccine.

When did the vaccine test begin? 

According to Vadim Tarasov, director of the Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology, the University of Sechnov started testing the vaccine from June 18. It has been constructed by the Gameli Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, Russia. Vadim Tarasov has also confirmed the vaccine being ready.

When will this vaccine be available in the market? 

Alexander Lukashav, director, Institute of Medical Parasitology, Tropical, and vector-borne disease at Sechnov University, said that all aspects of the vaccine have been examined in terms of safety. Now, it is not known how long the vaccine will reach the people, but Alexander Lukasev said it will soon be available in the market.

Complex products are able to manufacture Sechnov University:

According to Vadim Tarasov, in the event of a pandemic, the University of Sechnov worked not only as an educational institution but also as a scientific and technical research center, capable of producing important and complex products such as drugs. We worked with this vaccine, which started with preclinical studies and protocol development and is currently undergoing clinical trials. He said the first group of volunteers will be discharged on Wednesday and the second on July 20.

A vaccine to be made in the US too soon: 

The US company Moderna has also claimed to have produced the corona vaccine soon. The company had earlier announced that the third phase of the vaccine will be studied in July. In the third phase, the company has planned to give vaccines to 30,000 people. The company claims that this vaccine cannot have corona infections.

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