Russia has succeeded in developing vaccines to overcome the COVID-19 global epidemic. On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin confirmed this. The president said that the first dose of the vaccine, which has been given, includes his daughter. Let me inform you that the Coronavirus vaccine has been developed in the country and has also been registered for use.

President's daughter got vaccinated: 

President Putin said that one of his daughters has also taken the dose of the vaccine. He gave this information to a meeting on Tuesday. The president said that the vaccine has proved effective in trials and is effective in developing immunity from coronavirus. President Putin emphasized that a number of necessary tests were carried out for the vaccine. He further said that one of his two daughters took the dose of the vaccine and has no side effects, which is quite right.

Firstly frontline workers will get the vaccine:

Russian officials said the vaccine will be the first to be vaccinated, including medical workers and teachers who are at high risk of infection. In order to develop the vaccine, scientists at the Moscow-based Gamley Research Institute had said that the first vaccine would be given to frontline health workers after the vaccine was produced. Scientists said that it is more important to be given to frontline health workers as they have to live among the infections even further. With this, Russia has talked about large scale production of this vaccine in September. It may be noted that this is the world's first coronavirus vaccine, which has received regulatory approval.

Russia claimed to bring vaccine by August 12:

The eyes of the world were in Russia for the first vaccine. After all, Russia lived up to its claim and succeeded in registering the vaccine against the deadly Nawel coronavirus in the world. In fact, Russia claimed that it was going to register the coronavirus vaccine on August 12. On August 7, Russia's deputy health minister said that Russia will register its first corona vaccine on August 12. The Jambalaya Research Institute of Russia and the Ministry of Defence have jointly developed this corona vaccine.

Vaccine trials continue in these countries:

The human trial of the vaccine is currently underway in many countries of the world. Britain, the US, and China, including India, are engaged in the vaccine trial. Britain's Oxford University has the highest expectations. Thereafter, the US's Moderna and China's two vaccines are also expected to be around the world. Human trials for the Corona vaccine of biotech and Zydus Cadila are continuing in India.

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