On Monday, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari visited the Amritsar-Jamnagar Motorway building site. This 917-kilometer long, 6-lane, access-controlled greenfield corridor is being developed for Rs 22,500 crore. By September 2023, this highway's construction should be finished. The benefits of this expression will be enormous for Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab.


Nitin Gadkari examined this Rajasthani motorway. Greater connectivity between northern and central India will be possible because of this 6-lane, access-controlled greenfield corridor. With its construction, it will be simple to travel to Gujarat's Jamnagar and Kandla ports from the states of North India.


Shortly, the motorway constructed as part of the Bharat Mala project would shorten travel times between numerous significant cities. For example, after this project is finished, Amritsar and Jamnagar in Punjab can be visited in 12 hours rather than 23. The Greenfield Motorway runs across 15 districts in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, and Punjab.


The Bhatinda Refinery in Punjab, the Barmer Refinery in Rajasthan, and the Jamnagar Refinery in Gujarat will connect via this corridor.


For Rs 15,000 crore, 93 percent of Rajasthan's 637 km long motorway has been finished. In Gujarat and Punjab, 125 kilometers of this corridor would be constructed. The six-lane highway can grow to ten lanes and is built for a top speed of 100 kph.


Near Sultanpur Lodhi in the Kapurthala district, the Amritsar-Jamnagar greenfield corridor would be connected to the Delhi-Katra Motorway. As a result, this corridor will make it easier for Rajasthanis to travel from the Delhi-Katra Motorway to Vaishno Devi.


To connect Ludhiana with the Amritsar-Jamnagar corridor, a 2,500 crore rupee greenfield 75 km Ludhiana-Bhatinda highway is being built. This highway would link Ludhiana, the industrial hub of Punjab, with the major towns of Rajasthan.


There will be about 32 side-way facilities on this motorway, including helipad hotels, dining establishments, petrol stations, EV charging stations, and stores selling necessities.