Reliance Jio announced three new plans on Monday. The company is calling these plans 'all in one' plans. These three plans launched are more affordable than before. In the All in One policy, subscribers will get 2 GB of data daily. Besides, the company is also offering free 1000 minutes IUC calling on subscribing to these plans. IUC calling means that customers will now be able to talk to Jio for 1000 minutes on other networks for free. Calling from Jio to Jio is already without any charge.

All in one plan are of three types. The validity of these plans of Rs 222, Rs 333, and Rs 444 is different. The Rs 222 plan comes with 1-month validity. At the same time, two months in the Rs 333 plan and three months in the scheme of Rs 444 will get validity. In these three plans, subscribers will get 2 GB of data daily.

Along with this, you will also get 1000 minutes IUC calling in all plans. That is, in a plan of 222 rupees with a validity of 1 month, you will be able to use 1000 minutes of IUC calling in 1 month, whereas in the plans of Rs 333 and 444 rupees, the same 1000 minutes of IUC calling can be used by the customer in 2 months and 3 months.

Jio's best selling plan is Rs 399, in which 1.5 GB of data is available daily. Its validity is three months. If customers want to get a 3-month plan, then they can also choose a plan of Rs 444. In this plan, 2 GB data is available daily instead of 1.5 GB. That is, the customer will get 42 GB more data for an additional Rs 45, which comes at the rate of about Rs 1 per GB. These are the lowest data prices in the telecom industry. Also, the customer will get 1000 minutes of IUC calling free. Had IUC calling been purchased separately, it would have cost the customer Rs 80.

Image credit: businesstoday