There is a steady increase in cases of banking fraud. The thugs are taking people in different ways and robbing their hard-earned money. It has become essential for customers to be aware of this kind of cheating. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also gives customers tips from time to time to avoid banking fraud. RBI has also given tips to customers to avoid banking frauds on Monday.

The Reserve Bank of India has made a tweet on Monday. In a tweet, the central bank wrote that if banking frauds are to be avoided, your personal information must be preserved. RBI has also shared a GIF in the tweet. It says, "Cybercrime is increasing at present. Do not share your OTP, UPI PIN, card detail, etc. Otherwise, you may have to pay a heavy price. '

"With this information you share, fraudsters can create your virtual payment address and link your bank account with UPI," RBI added. This allows him to easily withdraw money from your bank account or card. So be careful. RBI says, be knowledgeable, and be vigilant. 

It is like a UPI ID. The VPA can be generated only by the accused. Through VPA, the fraudster sends a payment link to the customer. Now customers click on the link without looking at it carefully and make a payment by entering their UPI PIN. They get caught in the trap of the fraudster. The customer should be alert while transacting to avoid UPI fraud. Check thoroughly whether a link to the request payment has been sent by the person in front of the pay payment. You must see it before proceeding. A request is made to get the payment in the request payment, while the pay payment is paid to the front.

If you have debited money from your credit card without permission, the victim should read the message of his credit card transaction very carefully. This will let you know which company and what kind of service your card has purchased for. You can contact him and file a complaint stating the transaction ID. The victims can call the concerned company within 24 hours and demand to stop the service and refund their money. The same can also block your card on the company gateway for the ensuing security. In addition, the victims can also contact the bank to block their transactions for that company. People should never save their card information on the payment gateway, as the 2D payment gateway can also be cleared without OTP.

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