After that, all banks have four months (until September 30) to exchange and deposit Rs 2000 notes (2000 Rupee Note Exchange). This allows ygoveou to exchange 10 2000-denominated notes for up to $20,000 in other currencies simultaneously. However, since this decision has come to light, there has been conjecture about whether the Reserve Bank will produce a new 1000 rupee note after withdrawing the 2000 note.


Will the government issue new Rs.1000 notes?

Discussions on whether the government will issue a new 1000 rupee note (Will government re-issue 1000 note?) have become more heated as the process of withdrawing 2000 rupee notes from banks has begun in the nation. On social media, a variety of things are happening in this regard. Some claim that the Central Government would discontinue the 2000 rupee note and introduce a new 1000 rupee note. Shaktikanta Das, governor of the RBI, provided significant details regarding this news.


Know what the RBI governor replied.

The RBI governor responded by stating that there is no plan to introduce a new 1000 rupee note. It's only a rumor. He claimed plenty of other denominations of notes in the market. The Rs 2000 note will continue to be accepted as payment for now. You have till September 30 to exchange the note. Avoid packing the bank under such circumstances. There are four months left. People should take their time and do so comfortably to change their notes. This deadline has been established for this choice to be treated seriously.


Now the country's biggest bank note will be a 500 rupee note.

The RBI has ended the rumor that a new Rs. 1000 notes will be released. Along with this, it has also been apparent that the largest banknote in the nation would now only be the 500 rupee note following the elimination of the 2000 rupee notes.


Let us inform you that the 500 and 1000 rupee notes were closed in November 2016. New notes for 200, 500, and 2000 rupees were then issued.