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You will now no longer receive a free ration, or you will no longer be eligible for a free ration; instead, you will be fined. You will not receive a free ration even if you hold an APL or BPL card. The government is currently looking into who qualifies for free rations. The government has established some standards in this regard.


If you violate those guidelines, you won't receive a free ration but rather a fee. You shouldn't have that comfort in your home if you want a free ration. Those who reside in luxurious homes or those who live in comfortable homes won't be able to take advantage of the free ration facility. A fee of Rs. 27 per kg will be assessed if you have these facilities in your home. You must give up your ration card in order to avoid this fine.


Surrender ration card yourself

You should give up your ration card if you do not meet the criteria for poverty. Additionally, somebody whose family works for the government will not get the free ration for their family. Therefore, these individuals should return their ration cards. Let us inform you that you must not have any furniture in your home, including beds, sofas, refrigerators, coolers, or cars, to receive a free ration. 


Eligible People for Free Ration

  • Workers and daily wage laborers.
  • Garbage pickers.
  • People who earn their living by doing household chores.
  • People identified by the state government.
  • People who beg.
  • Driver and porter etc.


Items that should not be in the house for Free Ration

  • Car and tractor.
  • Air-condition.
  • Weapon License.
  • The annual income should not exceed two lakhs.
  • 5-kilo wattage generator.