A new study has discovered that protein shake is not the best in muscle soreness, right after the hard-workout session. It's a surprising fact for most of us. It denotes that drinking protein shake just after doing extensive weights at the gym is not so helpful after a grueling workout.  

Why do we need protein?

The body always requires a protein to build and mend muscles, and it requires carbohydrates to reinstate glycogen levels which are the primary source in the body. It has seen that just after the workout, the gym person always devour protein and carbohydrate in the form of shakes. There are many reasons for it which include-

  • Gain muscle mass in the long term
  • Help repair muscles and reduce pain in a short time  

However, with recent research, it has been clearly shown that no vital effect will be shown on the body after the heavy workout.

What research found?

In the beginning, the muscle soreness of all the participants is rated between 19 and 26 or even quite low. Then again, after the weight-lifting session, they reevaluated those measurements. Now all participants had shown their soreness above 90, which is quite undoubtedly high. However, in physical evaluation, the contestants showed declines their muscle power & its functionality. However, there was no variance in recovery response and pain scores between the three different groups. Thus this research concluded that-

“There are not many benefits of protein shakes after the workout for the sake of muscle recovery.”

Breaking the myth from long years

This study has broken all the facts which have been imparted for years. Previously many studies have proven that protein has helped in building muscle strength and recovering after resistance training.


image credit : SCI-MX