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Pan Card Update: Many people conduct financial transactions in the nation. PAN cards are required for financial transactions.


The Income Tax Department of India is responsible for issuing PAN cards. Therefore, every individual has a different number entered on their PAN card.


In addition, a photocopy of the PAN card must be made available for critical works. Do you realize your PAN card can also be used fraudulently, though? Tell us how your PAN card can be examined if someone else uses it in this case.


Take care of them.

Remember the crucial points if you believe your PAN card has been misused. You've been regularly reviewing your financial records. First, check your bank statement, bills, and other documents to ensure no erroneous transactions occur. Then, examine each bank statement thoroughly.


Additionally, continue to monitor your CIBIL score. The CIBIL score contains details regarding any loans, credit cards, etc., you have taken out. In this case, it will be clear from there that your PAN has not been used to issue any loans or credit cards. Additionally, look over your income tax account.


Complaint here.

If any incorrect transactions occur within this period, notify your bank right away and file a police report on top of that. Create a police report in the event of fraud. Additionally, let the Income Tax Department know. The appropriate department will initiate necessary action after receiving the complaint.