On February 18th, the trend of the uprise of both petrol and diesel price touched new heights across the country. In Delhi, the price was hiked by 34 paise which made it the price of 89.88 rupees per liter which was if compared with the price of petrol on February 17th it was 89.54 rupees as per the store retailers of the city and they must deal with it.

Whereas the Diesel worth within the urban center additionally touched a replacement high at Rs 80.27, increasing thirty-two paise from the previous day. If we talk about the retail price of regular petrol in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar then it hit the 3-figure mark on February 17 for the first time when it was a rise by 34 paise to Rs 100.13. Whereas the diesel price got hiked by 27 paise that means the price reached 92.13, this is as per the data accessible on the website of the Indian Oil Corporations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, darned the previous governments for not absorption on reducing India's energy import dependence. In Mumbai, the costs rose to Rs 96.32 per liter and Rs 87.32 per liter for petrol and diesel, severally. 

If we talk about the vehicle owners in Chennai, they must spend Rs 91.98 per liter for petrol whereas Rs 85.31 per liter diesel. Same way, In Kolkata the price has been reached Rs 91.11 per liter for petrol. If we talk about Oil Marketing Organisations such as Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, and Indian Oil corporation make sure that they regulate the domestic fuel as per the benchmark set by the global standards. The changes are affected by the 6 am daily, for the fuel prices.

Meanwhile, motor house owners in Chennai must deal with Rs 91.98 per liter for petrol and Rs 85.31 per liter for diesel. The distinction in costs in states stems from native and VAT taxes obligatory in states. Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan had dominated out the likelihood of a discount in taxes on gasoline and diesel to cut back costs.

"There is not any such proposal at the present," he said same in Rajya Sabha. He added that taxes are increased or shriveled counting on many factors just like the demand of the govt. and market situation.

The fuel prices are increasing day by day, this leads to a problematic situation for the common man.

Image Credit:telegraphindia.com