POCO India is in the field of remarketing and provides a new identity to the brand, as the new logo along with the mascot is launched it vibes with the definition of the brand that is redefining the madness. As per the organization, the new brand logo is a portrayal of each individual searching for more prominent standard choices Poco India had a part with Xiaomi in January 2020 to work as an autonomous brand with discrete items, showcasing groups, and programming. The organization periodically depends on gadgets from Xiaomi as a base for its items that Poco further modifies for the Indian market. 

Remarking on the disclosing of the new logo and mascot, Anuj Sharma, Country Director, Poco India proceeded to discuss the organization's fruitful autonomous year and the target of the brand invigorate is to respect the local area which is just about as various and special as the organization's items on the lookout. 

POCO India has relaunched its new logo. The organization expresses that the new logo conjures a confounding feeling in the personalities of the buyer. It is additionally a portrayal of each person who is searching for more noteworthy options in contrast to the standard. 

The new logo has the POCO text with the new mascot. It has four key components. There is the Halo on top with a holy messenger-like crown. The organization says that this Halo on the head connotes a feeling of goodness. The reception apparatuses draw out the devious side of Mad. 

All components of the mascot have a greater significance, as the radiance on the head should address a feeling of goodness with a reason, while the receiving wires allude to deviousness and spreading franticness. The three-sided mouth suggests a sharp mind while the hostile stares contrast the corona.

As per the reports by TechRadar, the first creation of the brand will come with the newly launched logo will be on Poco X3, the smartphone which is the first middle-range phone that lies in the pricing such as Rs, 25,000. As the details of the phone are yet to be revealed but if we talk about the leaked details it is assumed as the 4G phone, like the Poco X3.

Image Credit:Afaqs.com