On Monday morning the PM Narendra Modi addressed Rajya Sabha on the farm laws and various other issues going on in the country. The ongoing chaos over the farm laws has taken the wrong route, so on Monday to reply to the motion of thanks on President Ramnath Kovind. The Prime Minister urged that new farm laws should be given the chance to be understood and people who fear that MSP will be affected should not fear as MSP is going to stay.


The Prime Minister asked the protesting farmers to go back as the government is ready to talk and find out the midway. As the PM proceeds in his speech, he expresses gratitude to each and every citizen for helping and standing together during the pandemic times. The PM slammed all those who are brainwashing the farmers for their benefits. He said that farmers are the pride of India and they have always helped the country to grow.


As for the record, for the last few months of the Punjab and northern states have been protesting against the new farm law. They are protesting against all the three farm laws, They fear that implementation of these laws will end the MSP on the wheat or paddy. 


While addressing the nation he also adds that a new breed is coming up known as the “Andolan jivi”. They are always up to take profits from each and every agitation, so it's very important to identify them for the betterment of society and fight against them. The PM said that the nation is proud of each and every Sikh as they are always present for the country and those who are trying to sabotage their image, are just the teams who are trying to mislead the countrymen.


The speech put the force on the words that MSP will be there always, it was present yesterday, it will be there tomorrow also. In his speech, he gave the special focus to the point that the farm laws are made keeping in mind that small farmers should not face the loss. India is the country which is known as the mother of democracy, where every individual has the right to put their words. 


Currently, India is facing various issues at different levels, but despite everything, we must stand united, as we are the country that respects democracy at every step.


Picture Credit: IndianExpress