New Year and Christmas are nearing and many people have also made plans on where to spend their holidays. If you are thinking of traveling abroad and are not able to understand which place will be the best, the destination will be the best. The most important thing is that your pocket will not be too burdened to travel there. Here are some of the best countries where you can visit on a low fund.

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Cambodia is becoming popular as a unique destination for the people of India. The most striking thing is that you don't have to pay much money to visit this place. At the same time, Indians in Cambodia also get a visa-on-arrival facility. With the help of which a whole thirty-day vacation to Cambodia can be taken. The temple of Angkor Wat in this country is world-famous. At the same time, there are many fascinating sights to see here. A single person, flight ticket cost is Rs. 25000.

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If you want to start a new year in a peaceful and pleasant country. Where greenery and impressive views are scattered around, Vietnam will be a great place. In a country full of this nature, you will also see the amiable personality of the people living here along with rivers, mountains, waterfalls, caves, and conditions. The fare of one side flight from Kolkata to Vietnam is about Rs. 28000. This country is to tour cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Long.

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The leading choice of Indian people in Thailand, whenever they have to travel abroad. There has been an increase in the number of travelers arriving here every year. If your plan is also to visit this gorgeous beach, country the charge of one side flight to go here is about Rs. 16000. If you are having thought of visiting Thailand, many travel packages are also available in the offer, but always chose any package after getting full information about it. 

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Malaysia is a great place to enjoy an abroad trip economically with the family. There are unique theme parks, jungle as well as cities to see here. Touring the cities of this country is also interesting in itself. The flight ticket of Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia will be about sixteen thousand rupees. Lodges will also be found very inexpensively to stay in this country.

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In Oman, an oil-known country, people are now going to travel. Oman is a great place to celebrate the New Year economically. The charge to go here will be about Rs. 14000 thousand. But you will not have to pay much to travel and sojourn in this country.

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Most youths approach this country to celebrate the New Year. Everyone aspires to begin the new year by partying under clear skies on the astonishing beach of Bali.

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