Twitter is adding Paytm as an installment passage choice on its Tips include that permits makers to adapt their Twitter account by getting money-related tips from devotees and different clients. The organization said that the Tips include has been accessible to all clients over the age of 18 in India, independent of whether they utilize an Android or iOS gadget.

Clients can now depend on Paytm's point of interaction to help people and associations on Twitter by paying them utilizing various methods of installment including UPI, Mastercard and check cards, net banking, wallets, and so forth Twitter had initially delivered the Tip Jar highlight in May last year prior to delivering it for all iOS clients over the age of 18 in September. 

Up to this point, Indian makers could share connections of their Bitcoin or Ethereum address, Patreon or Razorpay on their Tips segment. The expansion of the Paytm entryway will broaden the client base who can all the more effectively add to their cherished makers on the stage.

How might makers empower Paytm tips?

To turn the Paytm tipping highlight, makers need to go to their profile on the Twitter application and snap the "Alter Profile" button. When you click this, you will be taken to a part where you can alter your profile. At the point when you look to the base, you will see a "Tips" choice that would be consequently set to "off" in the event that you haven't utilized it previously. On the off chance that this choice isn't accessible to you, guarantee that you have entered your date of birth on your profile. Twitter limits this component for clients beneath the age of 18 and accordingly it won't show up on your profile except if you enter your age.

When you click on "Tips", you will be taken to one more screen where there is an on-off flip that permits you to begin and quit tolerating tips for you. Under this, there will be a couple of text fields relating to various installment strategies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Patreon, Paytm, and Razorpay.

Click on the Paytm field, enter your subtleties, and complete interfacing your wallet to your record. When a maker has empowered the component, Twitter adds a symbol close to your profile which will have a Paytm connect that will permit clients to tip you utilizing the Paytm interface on their gadgets.

Image Credit: Connect Gujrat