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The most crucial item for traveling outside of the country is a passport. A valid passport proves your nationality. This document identifies the nation of which you are a citizen. Stay calm if your Passport has yet to be created. A passport is relatively simple to obtain.


Through the mPassport Seva app, applying for a passport is simple. Additionally, a passport can only be issued based on an Aadhaar card. You can submit an application using this app. For a passport, only Rs 1500 will need to be paid online. After police verification, your Passport is delivered to your house in a week. We are explaining the passport application process to you today.


Steps to apply for a Passport through mPassport Seva App-

>> Install the mPassport Seva App on your smartphone.

>> Open the app now, then select "New User Registration."

>> Using your address as a guide, choose the passport agency.

>> Enter your name, date of birth, email address, etc. 

>> Now type the unique login ID (alternatively, an email address).

>> Create a strong password after that. Finally, choose the security query and response. To recover a forgotten password, you need this.

>> After entering the captcha code, press "Submit."

>> The passport office will now email your email address a verification link.

>> After clicking this link, you will be taken to a new page, where you must enter your login ID to be verified.

>> Close the app and log in again after the account has been validated.

>> The candidate must now select the Existing User tab.

>> Login ID, password, and captcha code must be entered.

>> Click Apply For New Passport now.

>> Complete the required fields and adhere to the app's instructions.

>> Next, pay the fees.

>> Schedule a time to visit the Passport Kendra to get the documents verified.