Smartphone company OnePlus is planning to compete in the Smart TV market as well. OnePlus launching its first Smart TV in India and China on  26, November 2019. This Smart TV  will run on Android and Google play can be accessible along with Google Assistant. It will be available with built-in Chormecast. The Images of TV remote already leaked on the internet and these images disclosing mistery of OnePlus TV like trackpad on top, the home button with OnePlus logo, and an easy Google Assistant launcher. 

This Smart TV will run on Oxygen OS TV along with Android OS. Google Play Store apps are easily accessible with its Android platform.  The sleek body and bezel-less design makes it an aesthetically gratifying Smart TV.  Like any other Smart TV, Oneplus has changed the place of handlebar, It's on the back instead of the bottom of the TV. Chrome finishing on an oval-shaped stand with handlebar gives it premium look. 

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image credit : india today

It will be available in four different model sizes, from a 43" TV to a gigantic 75" display.  OnePlus wants to deliver the best viewing experience for his customer, OnePlus is using a 4K QLED screen. QLED screens always give better colors and contrast comparison to IPS LCD screens. And to enhance watching TV experience OnePlus making it even better with the Gamma Color Magic chip. OnePlus claimed that it helps to make smoother animations. 

This Smart TV comes with 8 speakers and the total output of the speakers is only 50W.  Eight speakers that are capable of giving Dolby Atoms playback with punchy bass to fill your living room. TV price is not revealed till now by OnePlus but it will be mid-range as per market reports.  The Smart TV will be available for sale in Amazon's Great Festival sale which will start at the end of this September.

image source : t3.com