Apple TV has offered a special offer for its users. Under this offer, users will be able to watch Apple TV Plus's premium shows for free. The company says that we have made premium shows available for a limited time in 100 countries. Let me tell you that these premium TV shows are available on the Apple TV app, and this app supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Samsung as well as LG's smart TVs.

Users will be able to watch these Apple TV shows for free

Users can watch shows like The Morning Show, Ghostwriter, The Elephant Queen, For All Mankind, Servant, Helpsters, Dickinson, and Snoopy In Space in the Apple TV app. Also users directly apple.co/ FreeForEveryone will be able to access the content for free by visiting the link.

Apple TV subscription gets less than Rs 100 

Apple TV subscription can be purchased at Rs 99 per month. In addition, a 7-day trial of the Apple TV app is also available. For your information, let's say that the company launched the Apple TV app last year.

Company launches a news section with COVID-19 in mind

In March last month, Apple launched a news section on the Coronavirus on tv platforms. Through this section, all kinds of information related to coronavirus are provided to users. The company also makes users aware of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus conditions in India

In India, about 8,504 people are currently infected with the coronavirus, out of which 239 people have died. So far, 643 patients have been cured.

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