Thinking about the ascent in veganism and, in that capacity, the utilization of veggie lover food items, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has acquainted another logo with "assistance customers effectively distinguish and separate from non-vegetarian food sources." 

The new green-hued logo has a 'V' recorded (in a square box) with a little plant on top of it and vegetarian composed at the base. The plan is such, educated FSSAI, that it resounds with the current logo (that has a speck in a square) for vegan and non-veggie lover items. 

In a Twitter post, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya presented the logo and said, "@FSSAIIndia dispatched a logo for veggie lover food varieties to assist consumers with effectively recognizing and separate from non-vegetarian food sources. This will engage individuals to settle on educated food decisions." 

Prior, we had logos for veggie lovers (green speck) and non-vegan food sources (earthy colored spot). We have a developing development towards veganism, along these lines, we have come out with a veggie-lover logo," FSSAI CEO Arun Singhal told ANI while dispatching the logo. 

All vegetarian items will presently be needed to convey the logo on their bundling. 

What is veganism? 

Veganism (veggie lover diet) is a sort of way of life that endeavors to bar all types of meat and items that are gotten from creatures since the vegetarian culture thinks all creatures reserve the privilege to be liberated from human use, be it for food, garments, or some other valuable purposes. The development has been acquiring steam in India of late and a few organizations have been dispatching items, for example, plant-based meat, plant-based drinks, and that are just the beginning. A new model has been Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh's Imagine Meats adventure which has been earning a great deal of consideration inferable from its plant-based meat contributions. A portion of the other well-known brands incorporates Urban Platter, RAW Pressery, Epigamia, Ahimsa Food, Vegeta Gold among others. 

According to, a few veggie lovers burn-through creature side-effects that don't include butcherings, like milk, eggs or nectar". Veganism, notwithstanding, doesn't permit the utilization of any creature determined item, be it "milk, nectar, meat, eggs, whey, casein, or even items like calfskin, silk, beeswax, latex, cleansers, and so forth, that include the utilization of creatures.

Image Credit: Indian Express