Noida Traffic Police as of late started a mission to decrease mishaps in the city because of low permeability in hazy climate. Under the drive, Noida Traffic Police stuck intelligent tapes on points of support and blockades on the DND Flyway cost square as they here and there go about as vulnerable side for vehicles. Additionally, they requested that individuals glue intelligent tapes on their vehicles as a result of the climate conditions and diminishing perceivability.

Making a stride further in a similar heading, traffic police commanded intelligent tape on vehicles and conjured MV Act under which Rs 10,000 can be fined on vehicles utilizing without intelligent tapes. While every single private vehicle, including both four-and bikes, gets a reflector stuck on the backside of the vehicle, business vehicles like trucks and farm haulers don't have any intelligent material, causing mishaps.

We interpret what's an intelligent tape and what's the mandate by Noida Traffic Police-

What is reflecting tape?

An intelligent tape or a reflector comprised of unique materials like radium that reflects in obscurity when lights fall on it. Generally made of radiant red material, the intelligent tape is accessible in different sizes and shapes and is utilized for an assortment of purposes, fundamentally being security, as it helps outwardly on in any case dim streets, or in an inconvenient climate condition. 

For what reason is it important?

The intelligent tapes are a need for vehicles like trucks and farm haulers as they are frequently the reason behind serious mishaps and continue on the streets without legitimate lights or reflectors. The intelligent tapes should keep drivers from hitting each other on the streets by giving visual guides. 

Who will be fined?

Noida Traffic Police as of late expressed that vehicles without reflecting tapes will be fined Rs 10,000. While it's a fine characterized under the MV Act by the focal government, bikes and four-wheelers are the outside domain of the said law as these reflectors are typically manufacturing plants fitted inside the back tail light group. Notwithstanding, in trucks and farm haulers, these security systems are seldom seen. Bringing this standard into impact, the police will force a fine of Rs 10,000 on the vehicle proprietors without the intelligent tapes. For private vehicles, the Police will advise proprietors about the advantages of the reflecting tape.

Image Credit: Mint