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In today's world, the Aadhaar Card has become one of the most crucial documents. Aadhaar cards are used to access practically all government services and programs.


However, we commonly need to change the mobile number on our Aadhaar card. We used a different number when our Aadhaar card was created. But then our phone number changed. In this instance, your Aadhaar card should always have your current mobile number updated.


Why is mobile number updation necessary on an Aadhaar card?

It is critical to update the Aadhaar Card's existing mobile number. The main reason for this is that for every Aadhaar-related service, an OTP is provided to your registered mobile number, without which you would be unable to access any service. Assume that the number registered on your Aadhaar card has been closed in this case. In this instance, the OTP will also be sent to the same number, which is inaccessible. For all of these reasons, you must update your Aadhaar number. Please tell us how you plan to change your cellphone number in Aadhaar.


Easy steps to update your mobile number in Aadhaar.

You cannot change your Aadhaar Card number online. This procedure is only available offline. 


>> To do so, visit your local Aadhaar card center first. 

>> Following that, you will be given an Aadhaar update or correction form. 

>> Then, the executive at the Aadhar card center will collect your form. However, you must pay Rs 50 to update your mobile number. 

>> After this, you will be given a slip. Your update request number will be included as well. You can also trace your request using this method.