You must observe all driving regulations if you don't want your traffic ticket to be revoked. However, people sometimes forget their crucial documents like their driver's license, car registration certificate, pollution certificate, or insurance at home and drive away without them. If a police officer stops you in this circumstance, he or she may take your challan away. However, today we're going to give you some of these details so that you can prevent a challan even in such a situation.


The car is typically stopped when a police officer observes a visual crime being committed. For instance, if you are driving a car while not wearing a seatbelt or riding a motorcycle without a helmet, the traffic cop will stop you and request your driver's license; in certain circumstances, RC will request proof of insurance or a pollution certificate. However, he will cut you the challan because you left the document at home.


To avoid being stopped by a police officer while traveling without a driving license, RC, pollution certificate, or insurance, try not to engage in visual infractions. If the police do not stop, the challan will not be given because these documents are missing. The DigiLocker app already allows you to store all of these documents. When the police stop you because you forgot to bring their physical copy, show them the soft copy stored in DigiLocker.


Even after the documents have been seen in DigiLocker, if the police officer still wants to challan them and refuses to accept them, you should inform them that "On December 17, 2018, the government issued a notification that any document displayed in DigiLocker will be legal." As soon as you mention this, the police officer will recognize that you are an informed individual and will refrain from issuing a challan