There is good news for highway travelers. The large toll tax for using the roadway will no longer be demanded. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has occasionally provided toll taxpayers with various reliefs. You will now pay less than before because the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has reduced the toll tax rates. Now let's look at the most current rates.


NHAI gave information.

The residents of Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab have experienced a significant respite due to NHAI's reduced deduction in the toll fee. According to the National Highway Authority, the Panipat-Rohtak National Highway has a lower toll on routes leading to and from it. In addition, according to NHAI, a decision has been made to lower the toll fee at the plaza in Dahar village.


On February 26, the reduced rates went into effect.

The National Highway Authority has decreased the toll tax, and the new rates went into effect on February 26, according to Abhishek, manager of the Dahar toll plaza. Let us inform you that the toll plaza prices were raised last year on April 1, 2022, and have since been reduced.


Know the current price.

According to the new charges, vehicles, including automobiles, jeeps, and vans, will now cost Rs 60 for one way and Rs 90 for both sides on the Panipat-Rohtak National Highway. Formerly, you had to pay between Rs. 100 and Rs. 155 for this.


The tax that will be charged on which vehicle.

The information given by NHAI shows that commercial vehicles using this route have also experienced significant relief. Before, cars and minibusses had to pay Rs 160 for one side and Rs 235 for both sides. This fee has now been reduced to Rs 100, and the rates on both sides have been reduced to Rs 150 simultaneously.


New rates have been released.

In addition, bus and truck drivers no longer have to pay the previous rates of Rs 320 for one side and Rs 480 for both sides, instead paying Rs 205 and Rs 310. However, three-axle commercial trucks must pay Rs 225 on one side and Rs 340 on both sides. New toll prices have also been released for additional types of cars in addition to this.